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Intro to Lifting

6-Week Workshop

Learn how to safely and confidently work the weight-room to maximize your results. These workshops are a mandatory pre-cursor for any ladies looking to join our Defiant Femmes Challenge which will be making it's appearance January 2019! 

Up-Coming Fall Intro to Lifting Workshops:

  • Tuesday Session at 8:00am: Begins August 28th

  • Tuesday Session at 4:30pm: Begins August 28th

  • Thursday Session at 6:30pm: Begins August 30th


4-Week Workshop

Tell me if you can relate:

  • You've tried everything!

  • Diet after diet... nothing seems to work!

  • Are you fed-up?

The ONLY way to build a lifestyle with lasting results begins and ends in your mindset. AND we can help you to change it! Join Heather for a 4-week mindset coaching workshop! Join our beta-group and your investment is ONLY $100 for the 4-weeks!


  • Tuesday Session at 6:30pm: Begins August 21st

  • Saturday Session at 8:00am: Begins August 18th

*To allow for the best coaching environment, spaces are limited to the first 5 registrants! Sign-up through MindBody to reserve your spot!  

Keto 101

Ketones, Ketosis, & The Ketogenic Diet!

How can you use nutrition & supplementation to bio-hack your body to achieve...

Better Energy, Focus, Mental Clarity,
Better Mood, Sleep, Digestion, Clear Skin,
Muscle Strength, Muscle Preservation,
AND Long-term Fat-Loss!