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“At Defiant Fitness you're not just a person going to workout but instead you ARE someone. I never in my life would think living a healthy lifestyle and getting fit at the same time would be SO much fun!”

Kathy Alee Her

“I have been working with Heather for a year and a half and have lost over 65 lbs. I couldn't have been successful without Heather and Defiant Fitness.”

Jennifer Vraney

“Defiant Fitness has given me back my confidence both aesthetically and emotionally. I can move without knee pain or shortness of breath. I can actually feel my abs!”

Tiffany Duzeski

“I give credit to Heather for motivating me to exercise and eat for my health. Not only am I in the best shape of my life, I am able to handle stress better, I sleep better and my skin looks great!”

Sheena Ascher

“Heather's full of nutrition information and she loves sharing that with us. I'll always be a part of Defiant Fitness.”

Kayla Dunham

“With Defiant Fitness' help I decided to finally change my life and get into shape. I now have more energy, confidence and my anxiety has gotten so much better.”

Missy Trochil

“Heather has taught me to enjoy the journey. She reinforces that "healthy" is MORE than just a number on the scale. Heather and the people I workout with are like family.”

Amy Eisenschenk

“Joining Defiant Fitness I felt welcomed, motivated and like I was part of something. I've had a big improvement with my energy and sleep!”

Kelsey Gintner

“I have noticed more than just my body getting into shape, but also my overall attitude has changed. I am happier and have a more positive outlook on life.”

Kayla Sheahan