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My Defiant Life

Mind. Body. Nutrition Transformation

Be Defiant In Your Journey To Health

Tackle Obstacles Head-On!

There will ALWAYS be an excuse to put off the uncomfortable! Our bodies want us to stay comfortable, because it knows that comfort is guaranteed survival. But guess what?!

If you want to change your body, you NEED to get uncomfortable! Challenge makes the body & mind stronger!


Personalized Workout Program

We Are NOT Your Typical Online Program!

No cookie-cutter programs here! You will work one-on-one with your certified trainer to discuss goals, exercise history, and come up with a plan you're confident in!

All programs are made FOR you with your input & tailored specifically to your goals & level of experience.


Habit-Based Nutrition Coaching

Not an All-Or-Nothing Approach!

We work together... one habit at a time to move you in a forward direction. Each habit is stacked upon each other when you are confident in your progress.

Our "snow-ball effect" style of coaching has a long lasting, sustainable impact on your new healthy lifestyle!

Mindset Re-Framing

Get Your Head In The Game!

Mindset is crucial to creating a lasting impact. There will be challenges... obstacles will appear... things will try to stop you from achieving success. We know, because we have been there and still have an occasional bump in the road too! It's a part of life!

Learn how to overcome challenges and continue to move forward by building a defiant mindset. Our coaches will guide you on your journey and help provide tools to support you especially when you encounter obstacles during your life-improvement process.